Are you and #ACCA online study or ACCA Classroom Learning programme student who has just finished their Applied Skills Level? It’s good to assume you have been fretting about how difficult or different the next Level, i.e., the Strategic Professional Level is going to be. So here below, we have tried to answer some necessary queries that favour your qualification to the next ACCA Level preparation:

  1. Does the exam pattern differ from previous levels?
    Yes, the exam pattern definitely differs from the previous ACCA levels. There is a distinct change of pattern in Strategic Professional Level from the previous levels in that, you will be asked more analytical and understanding-based questions. You will be expected to answer the questions comprehensively, demonstrating a deeper application of skills. Your answers must represent a case study approach. Success in answering such questions can be achieved with ample practice. The more your practice, the more you can pinpoint where exactly you are faltering, and that is how you will improvise. Pay attention to your mistakes and work on your tutor feedback. So watch as many #ACCA videos as possible, and absorb the knowledge you need.
  2. What suggestions do you have about the Ethics Module?

According to ACCA Alumni and research by industry experts, learners must ideally complete their Ethics and Professional Skills Level before appearing for the Strategic Professionals Paper as this prepares them well for the analytical, case study and broad type questions. Completing the Ethics Module alongside the Strategic Professionals ensures learners pass the SBL Examinations easily.

  1. What about Strategic Professional (Essentials)?
    SBL and SBR are essentially practical based examinations that require learners to demonstrate the best of their professional skills like public speaking, analytics, communication, business acumen, scepticism, commercial awareness, logical reasoning and mental alertness. However, all of these can be mastered through practice sets found in study materials and tailor-made mock papers available on #ACCA online study course websites. An expert recommendation is to complete SBR first or alongside AAA because during SBR learners get to learn accounting standards freshly, and AAA follows up with auditing, so learning these side by side is helpful as an exam preparation tool.

How to prepare for Strategic Professional (Options)?
For the Optional Strategic Professional Examinations, you have to choose any two papers among AFM, ATX, APM and AAA. Although there’s no fundamental combination, usually, students select AAA and ATX together, and those going with APM tend to choose AFM along with it. However, this is only a suggestion, and one can choose any combination they are comfortable with.

Whatever you choose and wherever you decide to sit for ACCA, make sure you prepare with ACCA master guides, so enrol now and #Study ACCA with Global APC to launch your accounting and finance career sky high!

Very often, we see entrepreneurs talking about organization and management skills with expertise, but we’ve seldom come across one who is confident about their finances. Otherwise, entrepreneurs hire accountants to manage their business numbers because you’d rarely know someone who is both financially literate and an entrepreneur. Unpopular opinion, but it is essential to have a high degree of financial literacy to establish a business for several reasons:
Overall Management
It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting an edtech or a furniture business; in your early days, you need to focus on attracting maximum clients. It is your initial years and earliest dealings that pay off in the longer run, which means that you must definitely invest in customer management. But how would you know what to invest and how to invest when you have just started out, and funds are so limited? Particularly in solely sales-based businesses - like a bakery or a coffee shop? You will most probably require hiring a full-time accountant and paying a significant amount even though sales aren't high initially. This is why your financial knowledge will help you arrange, plan, devise and organize strategies for the overall management of your finances with minimal help.
Efficient Strategizing
Most people become entrepreneurs out of a liking or passion, especially when they are good at something. Students studying home sciences end up opening a bakery, a software engineer might open up an online grocery store and so on. The thing is, when people are good at something, they open up businesses with the desire to work freely, i.e., without having someone boss around. At the same time, they want to build a business that builds them. For this, they need to strategize efficiently. And how is that possible? There are no shortcuts in the pathway to success, and one needs to be good with finances to gain success at new businesses. When you understand what financial reports mean, you can strategically grow your business when you can gauge key indicators and predict quarterly sales. Your own knowledge and skills as a financial planner determine the initial success of your business.
Taking Control
As an entrepreneur, you have control over the managerial decisions of your business, but what about the financial ones? You have to rely on a Chartered Accountant every time you want to make an investment, or apply for loans, or buy new software and so on. What if we told you it isn’t that difficult? Thanks to #ACCA online study courses, you can now become a Certified Accountant and control your finances independently. Once you can grasp the nitty-gritty details of balance sheets, profit-loss statements, budgetary details and more, you can formulate long term plans for your new business and facilitate more sustainable growth. This will save your time and money both while you’d be learning to manage finances yourself.
If you don't believe in the power of #ACCA lectures, #ACCA videos and the entire ACCA curriculum, here’s a list of benefits to tell you how vital financial literacy is for entrepreneurs:
● Knowledge of financial reports, profit-loss statements will help in planning long term investments.
● Understanding the difference between profits and losses, cash flow, and investments will facilitate better financial planning.
● Easy monitoring of income and expenses in the business
● A solid grounding of stocks, business growth strategy and sales conversion
● Better awareness of taxes and investments
To sum it up, as an entrepreneur, your business success solely depends on your financial literacy. If financial management scares you and you haven’t been good with numbers, stop looking further, enrol today to #Study ACCA with Global APC and experience high-quality ACCA Learning with our trained faculty and friendly staff.

Let’s be honest, not everyone likes nerds and geeks, and it’s almost considered scary if one of us finds them cute. Still, it is completely fine if you happen to be one of us, be assured, we also have a thing for those serious-looking, bespectacled brooding eyes, staring right into the blue screens solving some impossible permutations and combinations. Don’t understand what we’re talking about? You should probably take a break from #ACCA videos and your #ACCA online study and watch some of these films to know what we mean.

Although they aren’t portrayed as heroically as superheroes who save the world do, films about them DO deserve mention and here’s why we compiled a list of movies with some of the most enthralling performances by actors as accountants we couldn’t stop drooling over:

  1. Ghostbusters
    As a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) in Ghostbusters residing in a building that happens to be a pathway to another dimension, Louis Tully is a real thriller. What’s more nail-biting is the awkward transition between getting possessed by a ghastly demigod and a flirtatious Tully towards his neighbour played by Sigourney Weaver. Amid all such confusion, Tully ends up being a cute nerd hosting a party for his clients and flirting with the neighbour in his own captivating style.
  2. Midnight Run
    Jonathan ‘The Duke’ Mardukas is a Mafia accountant who is holding possession of some financial documents that would help deliver justice for good, but that would amount to nothing until the testimony doesn’t reach the Los Angeles court on time. ‘The Duke’, in this film, is the leader who everyone is after, particularly Jack Walsh.
  3. The Accountant
    Ben Affleck in an action-packed sequence handling sniper rifles while dealing with a bunch of dangerous clients in itself sounds a legit experience for his vast fan base, let alone, #ACCA online study course students going gaga over Afflecks’s portrayal as an Autistic, prodigy that makes him an unbeatable mathematician.
  4. The Untouchables
    The Untouchables follows the true story of gangster Al Capone and how Oscar Wallace, the accountant, plays a significant role in causing a spectacular downfall of Capone’s notorious illegal liquor empire. Although Capone had been involved in several other criminal activities, his henchmen kept those well-insulated while Wallace could charge him against tax evasion.
  5. The Other Guys
    In the movie The Other Guys, Allen Gamble plays the role of a Forensic Accountant who is believed to have some dark secrets, one being that he was ‘Gator’, the pimp who led one of his wives to walk out on him. Gamble has joined the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and currently is racing to prove a British billionaire guilty of a particular crime, and ultimately Gamble reunites with his wife when the crime is proven, and the film ends on a note that real heroes are everyday people who actively respond to situations, not those on televisions who merely act on scripts.
  6. The Producers
    A shrewd accountant, Leo Bloom, conspiring with Broadway manager Max Bialystock aims to organize a musical so awful that it shuts down after its first-ever run so that Bloom gets to pocket all the investments. But unluckily for him, the show turns out to be a hit, and before he can realize it, he’s struggling to pay back to investors.

Have you seen any of the movies we talked about or a different film where you find an accountant worth mentioning? If you haven’t, you might do that while taking a break from #ACCA lectures and share your favourite accountant portrayal with us!


Once you have booked your ACCA examination and paid the fees, the clock starts ticking more fiercely, and your heart might start beating so loud that you can actually count every single thud until you cannot take any more stress. This is precisely where we enter; we at Global APC will help you with one of the finest quality #ACCA online study materials, including #ACCA lectures and #ACCA videos to facilitate your accounting studies so well that your revision schedule will be full of positive vibes. You will ace your exam like a pro. So quickly, let’s delve into some of these revision tips from ACCA alumni and experts:  
  1. Schedule is Cool
    Almost nothing in the world can be done without a schedule. However dull and cliche that sounds, you need to understand that no success has been achieved without proper planning, and that is why for acing your ACCA Examinations, you must, first of all, build a routine. One of the most recommended ways for starting can be by planning a timetable 3 months in advance so that you aren’t overwhelmed at the last minute and have enough time to cover all portions. You can create a detailed plan later, but to start, make a schedule to study tough topics thoroughly. After a while, you can scan through the easier ones, or you can start with easier ones and then dig deeper into the complex ones, whichever works best for you as long as you stick to a routine.
  2. Motivation is Key
    Why do you think motivational coaches earn a six-figure salary just at the beginning of their careers? No, they aren’t just good storytellers, they’re actually great at content marketing, and we’re serious when we say so. They are focused, know what they are saying, and mean it when they are saying it. They do what they say. That’s what makes them different. That is why they are coaches, because they have done what they believed in. You too, can do what you believe in. So, motivate yourself. Each of us has a different source of motivation - some of us get motivated by a cup of coffee, some of us by music, money, long walks, bicycle rides, reading, or maybe a good old motivational quote hung on the wall. To set the mood for studying, do what motivates you.
  3. Organization is the Destination
    Organization in the study is the real destination an ACCA student should always look to arrive at. #ACCA online study requires a lot of effort, determination, planning, note-taking, discipline, time management, and dedication. If the learner misses even one class, they can lag far behind. Such is the curriculum if you have seen one of the #ACCA lectures. This is where stationeries will also actually count. Use highlighters, markers, papers, pens, flashcards, sticky notes, etc. Organize your study materials. An ideal student has been revising every lesson or concept the very day it is taught and keeps their notes organized, categorically according to the chapters and topics. This would save ample time and energy during revision sessions.
  4. Take A Break
    The best therapy is to unwind and take a break. It is improbable that anyone can go on working for straight 9 or 10 hours without breaks, and we’ve definitely heard ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Well, all of us understand that. ACCA students are loaded with the pressure of cracking 15 Examinations, and they absolutely deserve a break every 4 hours. Or, as is convenient to each student. Contrary to popular belief, taking regular breaks from studying helps one stay focused for long periods. Depending on one’s schedule, ACCA students can plan revision hours for 3 hours and then take a 20-minute break every 3 hours so that it refreshes the mind and helps retain information without cramming too much in one go.
  5. Teaching is Learning
    One of the best ways for learning is teaching someone. #ACCA videos can come in handy for this. One can download the study materials and access them according to their convenience or comfort, keep them stored on a drive or mobile device, and then utilize the free time to continue learning. Once a topic is covered, the learner can revise the subject or topic by teaching their peers, friends or colleague, and in this way, the process can be repeated until the learner masters the specific topic. In #ACCA online study, this becomes all the more beneficial as one can participate in online forums and initiate discussions as well as solve questions, thus finding a 24/7 revision platform assisting in their ACCA Examinations preparation.
  6. Self Test your way to Success
    The last revision technique you ought not to miss is Self-testing, i.e., solving mock test papers. This comes at the end of all your preparations, in the final segment of your revision schedule just a week ahead of your ACCA Examination dates. You must be wondering where to get mock papers that test how well equipped you are to score like a pro, so right here we are going to suggest you the best - #Study ACCA with Global APC and literally, get success delivered at your doorstep as ours is a credible, hardworking and promising team of professionals who make sure our learners receive the best study material and pass ACCA with flying colours. You can check our website and find that our study pool is continuously updated and our resources always match the current examination patterns, so whichever batch you appear for, be assured that with Global APC, your ACCA Certification isn’t far away!

Four benefits of online learning

ACCA lectures can be found online on several websites promising to deliver the best quality content, but not everyone is worth your time, and even you know that. Where ACCA’s Classroom Learning Programme boasts of bringing the best interactive sessions, #ACCA online study courses at Global APC is a master at churning out great success rates. And here we’ve collated a list of four benefits why you should choose ACCA’s online mode to #Study ACCA with Global APC:

  1. Time Management
    If you choose accounting and finance as a career option, you should learn time management as an instinct. ‘Time is money, and you must have heard. Now is the time to start applying that. Having a knack for managing your schedule and giving preference to tasks according to their importance actually helps you strike the perfect balance. You will understand this in the long run. Although achieving this time management skill takes a relatively long time; so start early and start now. #ACCA online study will help you achieve time management by closely building a to-do list, maintaining a calendar, sticking to deadlines and engaging in follow-ups, and more. It might sound like a burden initially, but we promise, we got it covered.
  2. Work & Learn
    Studying online is a great option when you’re planning to balance work and education together. It definitely sounds risky, but several students are doing great juggling both these things together, and believe us for sure, it can be done smoothly if you have tons of commitment and bundles of dedication. In fact, we have a lovely suggestion for you - why not take up a corporate trainee position or a finance intern job at a local accounting firm? That way, whatever you learn, you can simultaneously apply at work, and actually start demonstrating your course skills at a professional level. This way, you can earn and learn together without the burden of looking for a job opportunity once you finish the course. By completing your ACCA, you would have already bagged a golden opportunity with a big firm with your internship experience.
  3. Valuable Networking
    The Internet has really brought the whole world closer than ever, and online education proves it in the best way possible. E-learning has opened up new avenues that we earlier could have only dreamt of. It is only the possibility of the web that we can have interactive learning apps, PowerPoint lectures, HD videos, online discussion forums, group studies from across the globe, and so much more while sitting miles away from each other. The genuinely global citizen has a world of opportunities in front of them to explore from, and this is beneficial for both educational and professional experiences as it strengthens our network across multicultural environments, which would, if not for the internet, become difficult.
  4. Convenience-Based Learning
    Online learning is the best option when it comes to convenience-based learning. It is one of the most flexible as the learners can study from the comfort of their homes, suiting their own time zones, their own pace of learning, inside their own space and according to their personal preferences of audio, and other modifiers that are required to complete the course. The best part about online learning is there is no travel, and the costs of stationery, equipment, infrastructure are nil, so a lot is saved, which can be used in other investments for the future.

So think no more and quickly enrol to #Study ACCA with Global APC exclusively at #ACCA online study course !!!