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In the 21st century, financial literacy is as critical as your professional education. According to a research published in TIME magazine, those who do not possess much knowledge in terms of financial literacy endure a lot of struggles in their life.

Another study conducted by the TIEA-CREF Institute suggests that those people who plan for their retirement from an early stage save more than double the amount of wealth in comparison to those who don’t. This is a huge advantage of being financially literate. The study suggests that financially illiterate or less literate people have the knack of borrowing more, saving less wealth and paying more by submitting to emolument related monetary products. The investment these individuals do is almost zero, but they do accumulate enough debt to burden themselves emotionally, financially and physically.

The cost of not being financially educated becomes more and more complicated with every passing day. Thanks to globalization and the Internet, these individuals can opt for financially educational courses from anywhere in the world. ACCA online study offers such an opportunity where you can learn online and access material from wherever you want to.

Here is enlisted five tips that will benefit you gain more financial knowledge and help you with the adjustment and accumulation of your wealth:

  1. Create personal networks:
    Organizing personal connections with financially educated or even professional financial advisors are essential when you are just starting out. You will be able to gain enough knowledge about the investments, market, credit, debit, or some of their experience might also help you out when you are thinking about investing somewhere and trying to build your own portfolio. Remember, they cannot make your decision, but they can surely help you out with evaluating your circumstances and giving you the options where you can choose from.
  2. Involve Yourself:
    Getting financially educated does not mean just studying but rather involving oneself directly, making monetary investments, finding out about the market status and looking for financial opportunities. Also, you can start saving for your retirement, weddings, children education, etc.
  3. Keep a proper track of your spendings and investments:
    It is vital to keep track of every penny you are spending and investing. This will genuinely help you construct what you call a “good financial habit”. It will also give an idea of where and how to invest, which will further develop over time and how to save more money for yourself and your family.
  4. Develop a proper plan:
    It is never too late to start. Create your next five to ten years retirement plan and divide them into small goals. Try to achieve those goals one after the other. This way, you will be able to give life to your financial plans. You can also attend ACCA lectures; it will give you an idea of how to do proper financial planning.
  5. Attend seminars, lectures and short term courses:
    Attending seminars and lectures presented by professional financial advisors will help you immensely with your savings and investments. Also, you can also enrol in short term courses offered by various institutions. Global APC is one such institution that offers various financial courses.

Having knowledge about your own cash flow is very essential to become financially accomplished. This way, you can save more and make the most out of your income. Having financial freedom is what a person thrives for, and being financially literate is the way to make that possible. Study ACCA with Global APC and gain more knowledge on the current financial trend and the market.

As an accounting student, you will understand the sheer value of the end of the first six months of a year, considering so much that has to go down the accounting sheet for a smooth transition towards another six months of the year. While accountants fret about such a crucial subject, the ACCA accounting course can equip you with the right amount of knowledge, skills, practice and expertise to deal with this essential transition period as a confident individual.

In order to help you understand what does an accountant need to know before entering those freakish figures inside the records, we have made a checklist that the ACCA accounting course trains you in:

  1. Maintain Proper Bookkeeping
    Never ever take your time for granted. Whether it’s a rush hour or you are incredibly free for the rest of the week, never miss even the slightest detail in your bookkeeping entry. The daily business, whatever it might be of, deals with multiple transactions and, however tiny the amount is, records every bank or cash transaction, whether payments or receivables. While you count every single translation, make sure you haven’t double-counted any entry.

If you are an ACCA student or have by chance attended any #ACCA lectures, you will know that in inventory management, how much you have on hand assists you while pointing discrepancies in the balance sheet and inventory value whenever necessary.
So, always review bookkeeping and update the records on a daily basis so that you can flag inconsistencies and save time.

  1. Conduct In-depth Budgeting
    An in-depth budgeting process is where expenses for smaller periods are broken down into segments, and every investment, however, small-scale, is noted. In-depth budgeting might not be a practice in every organization, but it is an excellent way to manage finances in that it helps one keep track of savings, expenses, daily profits, losses, and more. One can quickly achieve weekly goals through in-depth budgeting and set long term plans based on the available income for expenditure. In-depth expenditure can also be discussed with others in the team to discuss prospective ideas, and people can share their insights towards potential changes in the company’s financial operations.
  2. Regular Tax Planning
    By regularly checking into the company accounting figures and financial statements, one can foresee profits, losses and available investment amounts. One of the best strategies for planning your taxes is to make purchases earlier for the upcoming year as this can lower the organization’s taxable income; one can also defer from sending invoices to their respective customers till the next month so that the taxable income can be lower than what is sent in the current financial year. More new techniques can be added by the accountant themselves as they start practising regular tax planning.
  3. Reinvent Your Strategy
    Reinventing our strategies once in a while includes reflecting on areas that need more focus and realignment. Accountants are constantly bogged down by some of the other kind of an issue that affects the goals of their business, so a reinvention mid-year is necessary. One can reinvent and restrategize business plans by creating specific and measurable goals aligned with our annual budget.

At Global APC, we offer a wide range of expert trainers that deliver the best ACCA learning through integrated workbooks, study materials, mock papers, tutor notes, and more. If you want more information about #ACCA online study, check out our website and #Study ACCA with Global APC !!

ACCA students from all around the world from June 2021 are going to be appearing for Strategic Professional in an altogether different manner than usual. Although the content remains the same, the examination pattern will change - which means the preparation technique should also need to change a bit from the present one.

Starting 2021, ACCA’s Strategic Professional Examinations will be held in the CBE Format and no more in the paper-based one, which is a piece of instant good news for those who struggle with illegible handwriting. Now, all you need is lightning speed in typing, which almost all of us can boast of, thanks to smartphones that accelerated our texting potential. In the CBE Format, one can just type in answers and easily correct mistakes in calculations by simply altering the formula. But, isn't it sounding too easy? Let’s see what all you need to prepare for the CBE Format:

Improve Technical Skills
This is pretty obvious, particularly for the ACCA Classroom Learning Programme students who haven’t much exercised their technical skills. Since the examination style is moving to a CBE Format, students must be well versed in the examination platforms, which can be similar to MS Word and MS Excel. 24/7 Tutor Support at #Study ACCA with Global APC would help you understand the technical requirements for CBE Format and all essentials for the papers. While students who have already been in #ACCA online study courses are already familiar with a virtual learning environment, they need to be more careful of not making mistakes in a hurry. A day before the final exam, make sure you have read the CBE platform’s instructions carefully so that you can be confident while writing the CBE Format examination for the first time.

Arrange Study Materials
This might be the most obvious requirement, but we want to ensure that you have everything you need before writing your examinations. Sometimes we are so busy attending classes and submitting assignments that we never really get the time to compile our notes according to the topics. So, three weeks before CBE Format starts, remember to download all #ACCA lectures and #ACCA videos and keep them in separate folders to ease your revision process.

Boost Your Strategy
CBE Format sounds easy because learners only have to type in the answers, enter the formula and fill up blanks. But is that it? How can you guarantee that your fingers would be racing against the keyboard once you sit down inside the examination hall and the clock starts ticking? For you to write, you must know. This is what we are trying to make you understand - good knowledge is the key to good answers. Good answers inside the examination hall come to those who are well prepared and can manage time effectively. #ACCA online study courses at Global APC (https://www.globalapc.com/) can help you with excellent exam preparation, but time management can be done only if you solve as many mock papers as you can. So, boost your strategy and solve mock papers so that your mind is trained to run as fast as your fingers on the keyboard.

Lastly, we want to say that whichever the ACCA Examination Pattern is, you will ace it as long as your preparation is excellent. We wish you great luck with your ACCA papers. May you come out with flying colours!!

Global APC Provides one of the best available study guides and materials from a wealth of resources for #ACCA online study, and you can check them out at our Study Platform: https://www.globalapc.com/study-platform.

Are you and #ACCA online study or ACCA Classroom Learning programme student who has just finished their Applied Skills Level? It’s good to assume you have been fretting about how difficult or different the next Level, i.e., the Strategic Professional Level is going to be. So here below, we have tried to answer some necessary queries that favour your qualification to the next ACCA Level preparation:

  1. Does the exam pattern differ from previous levels?
    Yes, the exam pattern definitely differs from the previous ACCA levels. There is a distinct change of pattern in Strategic Professional Level from the previous levels in that, you will be asked more analytical and understanding-based questions. You will be expected to answer the questions comprehensively, demonstrating a deeper application of skills. Your answers must represent a case study approach. Success in answering such questions can be achieved with ample practice. The more your practice, the more you can pinpoint where exactly you are faltering, and that is how you will improvise. Pay attention to your mistakes and work on your tutor feedback. So watch as many #ACCA videos as possible, and absorb the knowledge you need.
  2. What suggestions do you have about the Ethics Module?

According to ACCA Alumni and research by industry experts, learners must ideally complete their Ethics and Professional Skills Level before appearing for the Strategic Professionals Paper as this prepares them well for the analytical, case study and broad type questions. Completing the Ethics Module alongside the Strategic Professionals ensures learners pass the SBL Examinations easily.

  1. What about Strategic Professional (Essentials)?
    SBL and SBR are essentially practical based examinations that require learners to demonstrate the best of their professional skills like public speaking, analytics, communication, business acumen, scepticism, commercial awareness, logical reasoning and mental alertness. However, all of these can be mastered through practice sets found in study materials and tailor-made mock papers available on #ACCA online study course websites. An expert recommendation is to complete SBR first or alongside AAA because during SBR learners get to learn accounting standards freshly, and AAA follows up with auditing, so learning these side by side is helpful as an exam preparation tool.

How to prepare for Strategic Professional (Options)?
For the Optional Strategic Professional Examinations, you have to choose any two papers among AFM, ATX, APM and AAA. Although there’s no fundamental combination, usually, students select AAA and ATX together, and those going with APM tend to choose AFM along with it. However, this is only a suggestion, and one can choose any combination they are comfortable with.

Whatever you choose and wherever you decide to sit for ACCA, make sure you prepare with ACCA master guides, so enrol now and #Study ACCA with Global APC to launch your accounting and finance career sky high!

Let’s be honest, not everyone likes nerds and geeks, and it’s almost considered scary if one of us finds them cute. Still, it is completely fine if you happen to be one of us, be assured, we also have a thing for those serious-looking, bespectacled brooding eyes, staring right into the blue screens solving some impossible permutations and combinations. Don’t understand what we’re talking about? You should probably take a break from #ACCA videos and your #ACCA online study and watch some of these films to know what we mean.

Although they aren’t portrayed as heroically as superheroes who save the world do, films about them DO deserve mention and here’s why we compiled a list of movies with some of the most enthralling performances by actors as accountants we couldn’t stop drooling over:

  1. Ghostbusters
    As a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) in Ghostbusters residing in a building that happens to be a pathway to another dimension, Louis Tully is a real thriller. What’s more nail-biting is the awkward transition between getting possessed by a ghastly demigod and a flirtatious Tully towards his neighbour played by Sigourney Weaver. Amid all such confusion, Tully ends up being a cute nerd hosting a party for his clients and flirting with the neighbour in his own captivating style.
  2. Midnight Run
    Jonathan ‘The Duke’ Mardukas is a Mafia accountant who is holding possession of some financial documents that would help deliver justice for good, but that would amount to nothing until the testimony doesn’t reach the Los Angeles court on time. ‘The Duke’, in this film, is the leader who everyone is after, particularly Jack Walsh.
  3. The Accountant
    Ben Affleck in an action-packed sequence handling sniper rifles while dealing with a bunch of dangerous clients in itself sounds a legit experience for his vast fan base, let alone, #ACCA online study course students going gaga over Afflecks’s portrayal as an Autistic, prodigy that makes him an unbeatable mathematician.
  4. The Untouchables
    The Untouchables follows the true story of gangster Al Capone and how Oscar Wallace, the accountant, plays a significant role in causing a spectacular downfall of Capone’s notorious illegal liquor empire. Although Capone had been involved in several other criminal activities, his henchmen kept those well-insulated while Wallace could charge him against tax evasion.
  5. The Other Guys
    In the movie The Other Guys, Allen Gamble plays the role of a Forensic Accountant who is believed to have some dark secrets, one being that he was ‘Gator’, the pimp who led one of his wives to walk out on him. Gamble has joined the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and currently is racing to prove a British billionaire guilty of a particular crime, and ultimately Gamble reunites with his wife when the crime is proven, and the film ends on a note that real heroes are everyday people who actively respond to situations, not those on televisions who merely act on scripts.
  6. The Producers
    A shrewd accountant, Leo Bloom, conspiring with Broadway manager Max Bialystock aims to organize a musical so awful that it shuts down after its first-ever run so that Bloom gets to pocket all the investments. But unluckily for him, the show turns out to be a hit, and before he can realize it, he’s struggling to pay back to investors.

Have you seen any of the movies we talked about or a different film where you find an accountant worth mentioning? If you haven’t, you might do that while taking a break from #ACCA lectures and share your favourite accountant portrayal with us!